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Sustainable Supplies for Film and Event Hire  
Striving for a more Sustainable Future

Striving to be more 'circular' is something we all need to aim for, Rental and re-use of assets makes this possible! We take pride in caring for our kit to make it useful for longer and supplying sustainable consumables from businesses that share our ethos. We are keen to learn more about Sustainability in the Film Industry and stay up to date with training offered via BAFTA.

Call or email Emma for any orders or questions on availability and delivery.

                 07788 777223  

Sustainable Shop

The Story of Mustard Blue!

Mustard Blue has been created to supply the Film and Event Industry with high quality rental equipment that is maintained regularly in order to ensure its longevity. Along with Sustainable consumable items; including items made from recycled plastic that are recyclable and refillable, compostable Coffee Pods. We're also pleased to be able to offer Correx Recyclable Unit Signs and recyclable Correx boards (both of these need to be returned to the ourselves or the manufacturer for processing but it is a start!) 

When we buy new items to rent, we buy the most up to date technology within our products, eg make-up mirrors with LED lights, DeWalt area lights with the latest re-chargeable batteries and LED bulbs. The Products are High Quality, durable and we believe the best on the market. We do also purchase from Production Asset sales occasionally, to try and ensure assets remain in use and out of landfill or incinerators.

When our equipment reaches the end of its life we do all we can to ensure it does not go to landfill, instead choosing to recycle all elements possible. If items are still functioning well but past being rentable we will donate to local organisations, schools or charities.  

We try and choose environmentally conscious businesses to work with and strive to find eco options for all our consumable items. Whilst we are striving to reduce our impact on the planet we acknowledge that 'Rome wasn't built in a day!' We are a very small cog in a huge wheel but we are actively trying to make a difference.  

Want to know what we did before Mustard Blue?


For More Intimate Events!

We have a number of high quality, heavy duty gazebos, easy to put up and take down. With or without sides. Long term hire £75 pw, short term hire minimum £100 plus cleaning charges. Both plus delivery charges.
We have good quality folding tables and chairs to rent you for a reasonable price alongside our gazebos. We can also help you dress your gazebo/table, recommend florists, caterers etc.
We have sourced recyclable paper toilet rolls that are lovely and soft and durable, recycled and refillable hand wash. Recyclable Correx Unit Signs and recyclable Correx Boards. Where we can't provide an eco option we try and offset this by providing something alongside it on a free hire basis that would usually be disposable. See our Shop page 
LED outdoor lighting for Film and Events
Eco Sustainable Hand Soap
Place setting for an event
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Call or email Emma with any enquiries
07788 777223


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