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Browse our items that are available to hire below. If you'd like a quote, just give Emma a call on 07788 777223 or drop us an email

Film and Event Items for Hire

The items we have for Hire are Premium, High Quality and Well Maintained to ensure they last a long as possible to improve sustainability, reducing waste. We always think about the Environmental Impact when we source items for Hire, aiming to buy the most durable items, for electrical items we always buy the most recent technology, all of our lights have LED bulbs.

Things we Sell

We've spent time trying to find more sustainable options for products that are usually throw away or single use within the Film and Events Sector. It's not always possible to find the eco option but with time and determination we've found a selection of items few that definitely offer a more sustainable option for either the same price or marginally more than the 'Industry Standard' option.


Where it has been difficult to find an eco option, for strength and durability reasons mainly. We've tried to offset it by offering an item to go alongside the consumable on a free hire basis for the duration that you buy the consumable from us. In particular large black, heavy duty bin bags, the recycled and compostable option just didn't have the strength to make it a useful swap. We will offer free 170L pop-up bins to Productions that buy bin bags from us, we've been surpised at how long these bins will actually last. We've got some that have been used on 3 Productions already and are still going! Happy to take donations of pop-up bins from other Productions to save them from landfill or incineration.



Sustainable Correx Products!

That's something we never thought we'd be saying! The Correx Products we sell are fully recyclable, they are chipped down through our wholesaler and made into more Correx or other plastic products. That means the Correx DOES need to come back to us or the manufacturer for processing, it can't just go into regular plastic recycling bins. Unit Signs and Correx Sheets Available, pricing varies depending on quantity and size but is comparible to the non-sustainable options on the market. 

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